TPAM: “A Wave From A Distance” review

Two bodies
A darkened room
A large crackling paper
A silent boom that
deafens and

Arms outstretched
Like a wave from a distance
You want to say hello
Or to figure out
the temperament of the sea

As the paper folds crinkles tears
The wave spills


The pair circles into a stormy sea formation
A sensible next step
Harbouring good intentions


I can not help to stop and to look at the wooly stream beckoning for me
Bodies are slumped and thoughts are adrift
As the paper crunches crashes crushes
The wave shivers


Outside on the wharf bodies chatter phones checked bags rummaged coats are placed on
sun’s out

This review is based on the performance on 13 February 2019, 3pm. Part of TPAM, A Wave From A Distance ran from 13-14 January at Wakabacho Wharf.

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