“A Fortunate Man” review: a tender, tragic portrait

John Berger and Jean Mohr’s essay-book A Fortunate Man was published in 1967. It follows the life of an English country doctor, John Sassall, who killed himself some years after the book was published. More than 50 years later, UK theatre company New Perspective takes on this tale in a play of the same name.

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9 plays I’m looking forward to seeing in 2019

Happy new year! Inspired by Rev Stan, I’m starting off the year with some theatre noted in the diary (and a horrified bank account). Here are 9 plays I’m looking forward to seeing in 2019 (in chronological order):

Ayer Hitam: A Black History of Singapore, M1 Fringe (17-20 Jan)

What the website says: In this lecture performance, actress Sharon Frese explores the history and influence of the African diaspora in Singapore. Dredging the archives, she shares images and documents relating to slavery, colonialism, jazz and nationalist struggle, reaffirming the value of black culture as part of our shared heritage.

Why I’m excited: I’m all for “revisionist history” in our bicentennial year.

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In the Living Room: Year in Reviews 2018

I’ve been invited to co-chair Year In Reviews coming up this Tuesday, Dec 4th! Instead of a strict panel session, this is an open dialogue event where we hold casual conversations about Singapore theatre this year. Here’s how it will work:

Reviewers from Centre 42’s Citizens’ Reviews programme and arts website ArtsEquator will begin the evening by sharing some of their observations, based on the shows that they watched and wrote about this year. You can then pick a topic and engage the reviewers in small-group discussions. Year in Reviews is an opportunity to reflect on the performances you watched, as well as the wider local theatre landscape today.

More details in their Facebook event page. It’s FREE so please come and take part in this exciting conversation!

This month’s specials – link roundup #3

From time to time, I round up some things that have caught my eye: