TPAM: “A Wave From A Distance” review

Two bodies
A darkened room
A large crackling paper
A silent boom that
deafens and

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TPAM: “The Retreat” 退避 blog

I landed in Tokyo at about 950am on a chilly Tuesday morning, 12th February. After a short journey to Yokohama and registering for TPAM, I took a brief stop at The Retreat workshop at Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT) around 1pm.

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The dark despair of “OCD Love”

It begins with a tick. Then a tock. Faster than a working clock, more like a hyped up metronome. Or maybe more like the beat of a heart falling in love – fast, rushed, on adrenaline.

OCD Love starts with a hushed, ticking percussion as Rebecca Hytting performs a solo dance of angular limbs and arched backs. She is singular yet uncertain, a fitting beginning for a piece that leans into the obsessive and compulsive.

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